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Arch Care Consultants is a case management company, headquartered in central Kentucky and established in June, 2009, as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).  Although our corporate office is located in Cynthiana, KY, case managers are based in their home office to ensure close proximity to their service area.

Arch Care Consultants has a simple approach to customer care.  Arch is able to meet unique customer needs on a large scale by tailoring programs for each individual customer.  Honesty, integrity and fairness are the hallmarks of Arch’s value system.  All customers are assigned dedicated case management staff who work with the adjuster and when necessary, the employer management team, to clarify the needs of the account to ensure optimal outcomes.  Not all customers want, nor receive, the same services in exactly the same manner.  Due to Arch’s individualized approach to each customer we are able to provide reports, programs and billing specialized for each account. 


Arch Care Consultants, LLC, is a service company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. By definition, an “arch” is only as strong as the elements that hold it together. We believe our staff are the strength of our company and are what allows Arch Care Consultants to produce outstanding results by providing superior support to our customers/clients.


  • We value all our staff members and their families first.  We encourage and support balance in their lives.
  • We value respect and extend this respect to all employees, customers, individuals and co-workers.
  • We value honesty, integrity and fairness.  We keep these beliefs in mind at all times in our professional and personal life.
  • We value courtesy and old fashioned “good manners.”  We will always be courteous, regardless of the behavior and/or interaction of the other person.
  • We value confidentiality and will honor the privacy of our company, customers, clients/claimants and fellow staff members.  We only discuss matters with people who have a right to know and need to know.
  • We value our company reputation and the character of our staff.  We expect staff to protect our reputation as a service company dedicated to providing exceptional care management to our customers.

Take it from Our Clients

We Build Lasting Relationships
"No concerns and thank you for assigning Monica to my file. She does an amazing job on all of my files!"

Dallas, TX

“No problems/concerns. Again, I cannot say enough good things about Linda. She is great!!!!!”

Ft. Myers, FL

“I am truly impressed by Sharon’s work, she has been amazing and a great part of the team on getting this file started.”

Denver, CO

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