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  • CLAIM Types
    Workers’ Compensation
    Longshoreman Claims • Maritime Claims
    Jones Act Claims
    Long-term Disability Carriers
    Short-term Disability Carriers
    Individual Clients
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  • SERVICES Provided
    Medical Case Management
    Vocational Case Management
    Case Management • Disability Management
    Medical File Review • Utilization Review
    Bridge to Work Program
    Acquired Brain Injury
    Medicaid Waiver Program
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case management company

Arch Care Consultants

Arch Care Consultants has a simple approach to customer care.  Arch is able to meet unique customer needs on a large scale by tailoring programs for each individual customer.  Honesty, integrity and fairness are the hallmarks of Arch’s value system.  All customers are assigned dedicated case management staff who work with the adjuster and when necessary, the employer management team, to clarify the needs of the account to ensure optimal outcomes.  Not all customers want, nor receive, the same services in exactly the same manner.  Due to Arch’s individualized approach to each customer we are able to provide reports, programs and billing specialized for each account. 

Why Choose Us?

Arch Care Consultants is a case management company, headquartered in central Kentucky and established in June, 2009, as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).  Although our corporate office is located in Cynthiana, KY, case managers are based in their home office to ensure close proximity to their service area.

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